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110 Schanck Road | Freehold, NJ

Celebrating your 21st birthday is a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Clearly, you want to take it up a notch higher than your 18th birthday. It also might be your last chance to party like a kid before your next milestone (the dreaded “dirty thirty”). Need some inspiration? We’re here to help you make growing a year older a blast, with the best 21st birthday party ideas in New Jersey.

Birthday party ideas

21, You’re Legal! Hit Friday Night Block Party at Game Time Bar & Grill

Nothing says “birthday party” more than a night out with your buddies. Plus, it’s pretty much impossible not to be in a festive spirit when you’re sipping a margarita or tossing back a Fireball Apple Pie on the Rocks on a Friday night at the atmospheric Block Party at Game Time Bar and Grill.

The fun begins 9pm at Game Time Bar & Grill, with a live DJ, drink specials, specialty nights (country edition, 80’s night) and more!

Show Off Your Pool Skills…

Or, perhaps, lack thereof.

Show Off Your Pool Skills

Game Time Bar & Grill is a great spot for a 21st birthday party. It boasts a full bar, plenty of good food, craft cocktails and billiards tables to show off your pool skills.

Clock out of work early and start celebrating with a pool stick in your hand. You have our permission.

And, just in case you didn’t get your fill of competition, there’s always laser tag! Fun Tip: Attach a GoPro to one of your guests during the game. You may not want to watch the footage the next day though…or ever.

Laser tag

Not Everyone 21 Yet?

Don’t want to make your birthday a “thing,” but still want to celebrate with friends who might be under 21? Have your party at a casual, no-fuss brunch. Besides, what goes better with a Bloody Mary and French toast than a game of adult laser tag?

Hey, it’s your 21st birthday party, you can act however you want!

Be a Kid Again

You only turn 21 once, have fun with it! Sure, taking a group of 21 year olds to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate your birthday might be a little weird. But, at iPlay America, you can still get the thrill of hitting the arcade, while not feeling like a little kid.

Be a kid again

Treat your friends to the first round of games (drinks will be on them, of course). Deal?

And, once you’re done playing, go charge up your “health meter” with a burger, Game Time Wings, nachos or pizza.

Sports Fans, Listen Up! Topgolf Swing Suite Coming Soon!

Give your sporty friends the chance to play at the Topgolf Swing Suite (coming to iPlay America this spring). Perfect for all skill levels, guests will have exclusive access to play games in the privacy of their own Topgolf Swing Suite. Along with signature Topgolf games like TopContender, TopPressure, and TopChallenge, Swing Suite features non-golf immersive games like Carnival Classic, Hockey Shots, and of course, Zombie Dodgeball.

It’s your birthday, after all. Do it up. Besides who doesn’t like some healthy competition.

Get Fancy for Your 21st Birthday Party

Get fancy for your 21st birthday party

A killer party calls for the perfect 21st birthday venue. Someplace that will cater to your needs on your special night, while offering beautiful private suites to fit all of your guests. Not to mention, plenty of room for dancing.

Turning 21 around the same time as some of your friends? Go in on a private party suite together and throw a joint 21st birthday party bash that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Book your private party suite, complete with food and drink packages and a customized selection of memorable activities.

How’s That for Fun 21st Birthday Party Ideas?

Want to find out more?

Call us at 732-577-8200 ext 382 today to book a room for your party at iPlay America and talk to our experienced party planners about your ideas. We’ll be happy to do whatever we can make sure your 21st birthday party goes off without a hitch and all your guests will have a blast!