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How to Play Adult Laser Tag in NJ (and Win)!

We’re all a little competitive at heart, aren’t we? Sure, if you want to make it up as you go and just run in …and run for your life, have at it! But if you’re looking for a few fun strategies on how to play adult laser tag (and actually win), take a peek at our insider tips below!

What is Adult Laser Tag?

It is the only pain-free, completely safe way for grownups to test their combat skills with their friends. Completely painless, the embedded software in each vest senses whether you’ve been hit and digitally counts how many times you have successfully “shot” your “enemy”.

If you’ve never played a round of this fast and furious game before, picture this: You’re with a group of enthusiastic friends in a maze with bright infrared laser beams firing at all angles.

Your goal? Dip, dive, duck and dodge the laser beams! You’re guaranteed to leave this high-energy game laughing and replaying the ninja moves all the way home!

5 Insider Tips on How To Play Adult Laser Tag

Adult Laser Tag in NJ Image 1

Ok, we hear ya. You want to know how to WIN adult laser tag. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Check out these five best tips to win your next laser tag match!

1. Protect Your Back

Look for places like corners and walls where you can protect your back and hide out. This makes it almost impossible for your enemies to sneak up and tag you from behind! The top level also makes a good spot to scope out opponents below.

Take a breather and scope out the scene so you can try to tag out your opponents, then look for your next move.

2. Wear Dark Colors

While your laser gun and vest has lights that make you obvious to your opponents, you should wear dark colors. Trust us, if you wear white or other bright colors, you’ll be so much more visible to the eye and easier to tag. Instead, opt for darker clothes so you can hide in the shadows.

While we’re on the topic of clothes, make sure you also have comfortable shoes on so that you can move around quickly and safely.

3. Just Keep Moving

Don’t stay in one spot longer than 30 seconds. Besides, safe is boring when it comes to adult laser tag. Even if you’re out in the open, move from one hide-out to the next. Your opponents will have a harder time tagging you if you’re moving around. Remember to duck, dodge and side step to move out of their line of sight and avoid extra hits.

Turning sideways gives them less of a chance to hit your sensors if you’re not facing them straight on!

4. Stick With Your Squad

Buddy up with your team and work together. Watch each other’s back. This way you can move around with each other and keep an eye on all directions to avoid anyone sneaking up on you both.

Plus, you get to use double fire power to attack your opponents when they come near!

5. When in Doubt, Just Keep Firing

And, hey! If all else fails – just keep firing! Rapid firing in the general direction of your opponents is typically better than taking too much time to aim perfectly.

The main rule is to have fun. Don’t stress about finding the perfect spot or looking for opponents. Keep your finger on the trigger; you’re bound to hit something!

Where to Find an Awesome Place to Play Laser Tag in NJ

If you’re down for playing laser tag as an adult, you might as well find the best laser tag arena possible in New Jersey to do it in, right? Check out our all new 6,500 sq ft,  two-level laser tag arena, Lasertron. Located in Freehold, NJ and complete with an interactive LED illuminated arena that has the ability change colors, pulse, flash, strobe, and react to game play events going on in the arena, this is the ultimate laser tag experience for adults, kids and teens!

Oh, and remember to share these tips with your squad so you can win on the battlefield!

Have fun!