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Think Out of The Office to Find the Best Place for Team Building Activities

Organizing your next office party? Finding the best place for team building can be daunting. You need a location that inspires employees to foster new bonds with colleagues, while challenging them to think outside the box. That’s a hard job to tackle.

Many companies schedule an annual team building day. Others choose to plan them strategically, perhaps when they start to notice a lack of spunk around the office. Either way, finding the best place for team building activities can be difficult—but it is possible!

There are a number of places to sift through in New Jersey, but if you are looking for something beyond the stereotypical team building activities, your task can be harder. Innovative teams crave fun and unique experiences.

Fun + Unique Experiences = Fun + Unique Places.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite team building ideas to accommodate teams of every size and type. It’s time to think outside the box…or rather, out of the office to find the best place for team building activities.

Best Place to Host Team Building Activities for Small Groups

If your team is on the smaller side, it’s worth finding a place that can support intimate interactions. Topgolf Swing Suite, for example, is the best place for teams with less than 10 people. This no-pressure simulator is a perfect way to combine two of life’s greatest conversation starters: cocktails and crazy games.

Friendly staff will serve drinks in your own private bay and a variety of games will ensure the vibe never becomes stale…though you may want to go easy on the mixed drinks if you want to stay under par.

After a few hours of play, your colleagues will all walk away talking about this unique experience shared with the people they interact with every day.

Best Place Team Building with Medium-Sized Groups

High ropes course

If you’re looking for the best place for a group of ten to twenty people, you may want a bigger space that encourages mingling among colleagues who don’t normally interact.

A major goal in team building is motivation. Find a place that allows staff to break down barriers, interact on new levels and experience a challenge. One perfect way to increase trust and develop rapport between colleagues is the Sky Trail High Ropes Course, New Jersey’s largest indoor high ropes course. Emphasizing opportunities for self-discovery, risk taking and peer coaching, the course enables participants to strengthen trust by supporting each other and sharing ideas as they navigate rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets, walk-across beams, vertical rope ladders, and more.

Integrate this activity with other team building events such as Bowling, Skee-ball, Go Karts and Video Games to keep your team on their feet and engaged.

Team Building Places for Large Groups

Laser tag

It can be challenging to find a place that keeps dozens of people engaged at the same time, which means large groups will require more strategic planning.

Tap into your team’s competitive side with a fun game of Laser Tag. This exciting and invigorating team building activity is ideal for large teams who have strong competitive spirits, allowing them to work with (and against) each other. Friendly competition improves communication, motivation and allows time to work on some serious problem solving skills, as participants battle under pressure, laser to laser.

Whether in person or remote, communication is vital to the survival of any company. And nothing builds communication skills quite like crouching behind a ledge with your colleagues, while cowering from lasers.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Consider booking a meeting room for post-battle debriefings (or celebratory speeches), annual company awards and top it off with catered food and drink. Guaranteed to be a fun way for teams to let loose with one another.

Still Not Sure Where to Begin?

Ready to supercharge your staff with the team building program at iPlay America? Experience our fun and inspiring team building ideas, suitable for any sized business. With a wide variety of team building packages available and a trained program coordinator for each event, we’ll help you take care of business…the fun way.