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Avoid the Summer Scramble: How to Secure a Cool Summer Camp in New Jersey

It’s springtime! Which means parents around NJ are panicking when they realize many cool summer camps have already been booked. Not to worry, iPlay America has got you covered.

The last thing you want is your child sitting around the house watching TV all day. As parents, you want to keep them busy, keep them active…and keep them out of your hair!

How to Plan a Cool Summer Camp for the Busy Parent

Unfortunately, all too often, busy parents find themselves rushing at the last minute to sign their kids up for camp. And all too often you see the dreaded “No Availability” or “Camp Full” notices.

Hey, we’re parents too. We know that life gets hectic, especially right before summer. But that doesn’t mean your kids will miss out on attending a cool summer camp this year.

As you start to prepare for the summer, there is still time to sign your child up for one of the many cool summer camps in New Jersey. Here are some simple summer planning ideas.

Narrow Down Your Camp Options

Talk To Your Child About Camp Options

Before booking summer camps, take some time to reflect on your child’s previous camp experiences. Ask your child a few questions about their favorite activities last summer.

  • What features of the camps fell into their definition of “cool, fun and exciting?”
  • What camp activities did they not enjoy?
  • Are there any new skills they want to learn?
  • Do they want to try something new?

Consult With Other Adults

Take these questions beyond your own children and be sure to ask other parents about their camp experiences, too. Have they heard of any amazing camps that may be a little more unusual?

Talk to your child’s coach or instructor about any camps they might recommend to sharpen your child’s specific skill set, like basketball, art, musical instruments, video games, science, chess, etc.

Reflect On The Past Year

Take note of any cool birthday parties your child has attended this past year. Chances are those venues may also be hosting some summer camps, so be sure to check their websites. (They may even give you additional incentives and help you check off planning your child’s next birthday party in one swoop!)

Fill In The Gaps

As a parent, your job is to make sure your child has a well-rounded summer experience. Take a look at what they are already signed up for this year.

Do they have a lot of sports camps and activities already? Add in a camp that is less intense to give them something different.

Are most of their activities outdoors? Find an indoor camp that gives them a break from constant sun exposure – and gives you a break from incessant sunscreen applications! Indoor camps may be especially attractive in the late summer, when the sun is at its hottest.

Are they doing a lot of arts and crafts or activities that involve concentration and sitting in one spot? Spice it up with a camp that is just focused on fun and letting loose.

You also must consider your needs as a parent. Many camps are half day camps, which may not work well with your schedule. Consider the hours of each camp option and location. Find out whether camps have early drop off or after-care so that you don’t have to drastically adjust your schedule.

Introducing Camp iPlay – The Coolest Summer Camp in NJ

We’re excited to announce iPlay America’s first annual summer camp – Camp iPlay! Your child will thank you for it.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the details to help you plan!


Camp iPlay is open to elementary children entering 1st grade through those graduating 5th grade.


Conveniently scheduled at the end of the summer (after most NJ camps have already ended and many parents are left wondering what to do next), the camp runs August 12-30, 2019.


Drop-off is scheduled between 8:30–9:30 a.m.

Pick-up is at 4 p.m., with the option to extend your child’s stay with aftercare until 6 p.m.


Parents have the choice for their children to attend one, two or all three weeks. Camp iPlay is completely indoors so kids (ages 6-10 years) can escape the summer heat, never worry about rain and still be active all day.

Parents have the option to send their children to camp for three days of the week (Mon., Wed., Fri. or Tue., Thur., Fri.) or all five days of the week.

What to Expect

All details will be sent to parents ahead of time, but here is an overview of what to expect at Camp iPlay, New Jersey’s coolest new summer camp!

When you arrive at the drop-off area, iPlay America staff will be there to greet children and direct them to their group room. Here they will begin the day with games and activities.

Rest assured that the employees working the camp are our very own, trusted iPlay America employees, who also lead birthday parties year round. They are used to keeping groups of children together, entertained and most importantly, keeping them safe while having a blast!

Each camp leader will have a group of 5-10 children, depending on the age (younger aged kids will have additional hosts). In addition to our 150 security cameras, trained security staff will be walking around monitoring the groups at all times to ensure the safety of the children.

Register for Summer Camp

Do you have more questions? Call us at 732-577-8200 ext. 383.

Book a Camp iPlay reservation today and receive a family 4-pack of unlimited ride passes to use on a future visit!