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Planning Fun Outings with Coworkers (That Don’t Include “Trust Falls”)

Building a solid relationship with coworkers doesn’t have to include cliche team building activities, like “Trust Falls” or “Two Truths and a Lie.” The entire point of planning fun outings with your coworkers is to build connections with each other outside of the office—and to forget about work for a bit.

Get The Entire Crew Together for a Fun Outing

After working closely together for a period of time, it’s normal to develop relationships with your coworkers. Not only is this good for employees, it’s good for management and the overall health of the company.

In fact, the closer coworkers are to each other, the happier they’ll be at work. Studies actually show that there’s a pretty clear link between the personal bonds between coworkers and engagement levels on the job. A recent Gallup study showed that close work friendships can boost employee satisfaction by 50%, and those with a self-described “best friend” at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged in the office.

That means finding occasions to foster these interoffice friendship will not only be appreciated by employees, but makes smart business sense.

Give Yourselves an Excuse to Get Out and Have Some Fun

Any type of celebration is a great opportunity for your team to mingle and get to know each other better outside of work. Whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary or promotion, be creative, but plan ahead.

When choosing extracurricular activities, keep the age range and abilities of the entire group in mind. Make sure you have a variety of activities (like the list below) available to give ALL your coworkers the chance to explore and let loose a little. The last thing you want to do is exclude one of your hard-workers.

Work Events That Go Beyond the Norm

Games at iPlay America

Arcade or Pool

Kick it old school at the arcade or a with friendly round of pool at Game Time Bar and Grill. Give your minds a break from the office and focus on something other than deadlines. Besides, nothing embodies the spirit of competition like a head-to-head game with your coworkers.

Indoor Golf

Be one of the first to check out iPlay America’s brand new indoor golf experience. New in spring 2019, the top-of-the-line Topgolf Swing Suite will feature an interactive sports and social atmosphere, where employees of all ages can test their drive and putting skills. Complete with six unique bays with a variety of golf and non-golf game simulators, this luxury suite features a massive screen, HDTVs, and full food and beverage service.

This is not only the perfect year-round location for fun outings with coworkers, but any corporate group event. Whether you need to wine and dine an important client or plan a fun night out with your marketing team, Topgolf Swing Suite should be your next go-to location.

Higher Impact

One out of the ordinary team building activity you may consider could be iPlay America’s all-new Sky Trail® High Ropes Course! It features several courses and obstacles to test skills, like the rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets, walk-across beams, vertical rope ladders, and more.

This is a perfect out-of-the-box idea to get your coworkers up and moving. It will also build a little trust among your team, strengthening their bond and camaraderie.

Happy Hour and Block Parties

What’s better to bring people together than food?!

Going out for food and drinks is also a great way to break the ice for new teams. If this is your first outing, make it extra chill and have your crew bring a plus one to encourage a more relaxed environment. Then, the next time you plan a happy-hour get-together, only invite your coworkers.

After a couple of drinks, you and your team might be more willing to play one of those team building games (instead of talking about office gossip).

Let Your Guard Down

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important team bonding can be for everyone. Improved trust, communication, networking (outside of work) are just a few major factors that teams need to be successful. So, go ahead, let your guard down and have some fun with your coworkers.

For even more great options, or ideas for your next office excursion, call our certified party planners to book your party at 732.577.8200 ext. 382.