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110 Schanck Road | Freehold, NJ

The Best Places To Eat and Watch The Game Near Me

Excited for the start of football season? Looking for a new place to catch all the games? Game Time Bar and Grill is your local NJ place to hang out with friends, watch the game and grab a bite to eat. We’re excited to celebrate the start of football season including both NFL-Pre Season games, NCAA college football games, and NFL Sunday games.

Bring your crew to watch and enjoy a bite, a brew and the area’s best football atmosphere, surrounded by fellow fans.

Go Team! Top Food and Beer Pairings

Eat and watch the game at iPlay America

It’s game day! So, what are you going to eat and drink? Here are our top three food and beer pairing suggestions to enjoy while you’re watching the game.

GTBG Burger

As a classic bar food, the burger can be topped with anything from cheese to bacon. This makes it a versatile choice for beer pairing. Even if your go-to is a Miller Lite, mix things up with an IPA – the bitterness of this beer can cut through the fat of a burger. Hey, if IPA isn’t your style, try an amber ale.

But GTBG goes way beyond classic burgers. Try “The Jersey” burger with lettuce, tomato, grilled red onion, grilled pork roll, fried egg, bacon and yellow American cheese on a toasted kaiser roll! Cue the drool!

Nachos and Pizza

What’s better than beer and cheese? Not much. The cheesy goodness of pizza or nachos paired with the euphoria of a chilled beer goes down all too easy. Beer helps to lift the fat (where all the flavor is) in the cheese, so you can really enjoy the taste. And, let’s be honest… all beer goes well with cheese!

Try our $5 nachos and cheese special during all football games or explore or our wide selection of pizzas with fresh toppings.

Chicken Wings

What better way to fuel your arm-chair quarterbacking than with chicken wings and cold brew? If you’re a wing lover, too, you know they’re anything but subtle so you need a beer that will play with those game day flavors. Here’s a simple rule to keep in mind:

  • Want to play up the spice in your wings? Grab a hoppy beer.
  • Need to reduce the heat? Order a malty beer.
  • Ready to cleanse your palate? You need a bitter beer to handle that job.

Let the games begin!

Where to Watch the Game in New Jersey

NFL football Sunday specials and TV giveaway

Why choose Game Time Bar and Grill to watch the big game? If you don’t have tickets to see your team, we’re the next best stop. Come by to toss back a craft beer with friends and explore our menu until you’re stuffed. With plenty of ways to watch the game, we’ve got the perfect neighborhood place to cheer on your favorite team.

Plus! You could win a 50” TV!

Each Sunday Game Time Bar and Grill will give away a 50 inch T.V. between the afternoon games. Starting Sunday, September 8th.

Looking for a place to host your fantasy football draft parties? We have that too! Or step it up a notch and catch the game at Topgolf Swing Suite.

And when you want to do more than just watch the game on TV, but you still want to have a good time with friends and family, why not try your hand at pool or darts.

Games, food, drinks… we really are the best place to eat and watch the game.