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110 Schanck Road | Freehold, NJ


iPlay America is where gamers go to play the latest and greatest games! And serious video-game players know that iPlay America’s Arcade is jam-packed with over 250 cutting edge and traditional arcade games! iPlay America offers our guests more crane games than anyone else in New Jersey. Our latest additions to the enormous selection of crane games are the NEW ICEE/POPCORN/COTTON CANDY CRANE!

Exciting NEW Crane Games in the inlay america Arcade!

The NEW Cranes have landed at iPlay America!

Tuesdays Are an Arcade Lovers Dream at iPlay America!

There is something for everyone at iPlay America and now Tuesdays get even more exciting with Double Arcade Ticket Tuesdays! Come in and play any Tuesday and get DOUBLE Arcade ticket redemptions at iPlay America! Twice the prizes and twice the fun for serious Arcade maniacs!

Better sit down right now! Because iPlay America is introducing a NEW offer that will knock you out! Are you prepared? Are you ready for the BIGGEST offer EVER? Then get ready for UNLIMITED $10 Video Game Tuesdays for ALL non-redemption video games! All the non-redemption video games you can play for just TEN BUCKS! Now that is DEAL designed to a HUGE smile on EVERY gamer’s face! WOW! UNLIMITED $10 Video Game Tuesdays will rock your world!

 Plus, every Tuesday at iPlay America you can dine like royalty during $10 Tuesdays featuring UNLIMITED Pizza, Pasta & Salad at Game Time Bar & Grill from 5 to 8 PM. It’s delicious and it’s just $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 & under! Big food and big FUN await every Tuesday at iPlay America!


It’s Almost Rick Grimes Time at iPlay America!

The Walking Dead arcade game will arrive at iPlay America very soon! It’s been called terrifying and terrific and if you love a good shoot-em-up, then it’s time to get excited! This game is a sit-down cabinet shooter that features a crossbow-style controller; evoking fan favorite and archer extraordinaire Daryl Dixon.

The infamous West Georgia Correctional Facility prison appears to be one of the primary settings of the game, which offers players the chance to fight the walker zombie hordes with all sorts of way cool weapons that include hammers, pipes, dynamite, and even a few swift kicks to the rotting flesh. If you are ready to throw down with a multitude of brain hungry mindless zombies, then The Walking Dead is the game for you!

What Features Make The Walking Dead Arcade Game Special?

– This console release is EXCLUSIVE to arcades! This won’t be showing up as a mobile app!

– Gamers will dig the mounted crossbow controllers with an easy reload lever system.

– Taps into the immense popularity of the zombie apocalypse theme and are particularly fun for fans of The Walking Dead on AMC.

– The game features 60 frames per second graphics that truly pop on the 1080p screen!

– A NEW “Ambient Lighting” system dynamically changes the lighting within the game cabinet to simulate events such as players moving from the outdoors to a dark space!

– Bench seating for comfort.

– Thrill-D Sound system for awesome pumping sound. Which is the same excellent sound system used in Jurassic Park Arcade and Cruis’n Blast.

Play the NEW Walking Dead game in the iPlay America Arcade!

The Walking Dead Want YOU!


Ready for Some Old-School Arcade Excitement and Out of this World FUN?


Space Invaders is invading iPlay America and it is time to load your blasters and shoot for the stars! This is NOT your parents Space Invaders! This is Space Invaders Frenzy! It’s an updated larger-than-life take on the original iconic arcade classic “Space Invaders” by Taito. Two players wield futuristic plasma cannons to defeat waves of descending invaders to save the Earth.

The gameplay pacing and controls have been updated for today’s action-oriented game players. The objective of the game is to blast as many descending invader ships as possible while protecting your “plasma cannons” at the bottom of the screen. Points are accrued by destroying enemy invaders and bonus UFO starships. If you reach the targeted score to beat, you’ll win the “Invader Bonus”. Players will also get to enter their name on a high score table if they place in the top 10.  


What Should Work You Up Into a Frenzy About This Game?

-Dual cockpit seating!

-Ultra powerful blasters with specialty lighting effect!

-MASSIVE 8 foot LED display!

-Over 65,000 pulsing color LEDs!


the Space Invaders Arcade game is invading iPlay America

Are you the Earth’s last line of defense?

A world of WONDERS awaits you at iPlay America’s thrilling Arcade! Get Inside the Fun and come out today for all the thrills, excitement, and ACTION! It’s all right here waiting for you at iPlay America! Our Arcade is constantly upgrading with the latest and greatest new games! And we have ALL your favorite classics! If you are ready to take your game playing to the next level, then it’s time to get your “GAME ON” at iPlay America!