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  1. Socializing, letting employees bond, and getting to know each other better.

Team Building is exciting!

Creating opportunities for your employees to socialize and build friendships in the workplace is one of the best methods to increase productivity in the office. When team members bond and learn to work together it improves the work environment and leads to an increased level of morale, allowing for the office to function more efficiently when solving the everyday issues that arise in the workplace.

  1. Teamwork can boost team performance.

Team building activities forge new bonds and new levels of understanding among employees. They can foster improved interaction when approaching workplace projects that involve teamwork. When co-workers complete team building activities together, employees better understand their own group dynamic and they appreciate each other’s strengths, talents, and areas of focus. This added level of understanding enables teams to be more effective and productive.

  1. Competition has its benefits.

Competition has proven to lead to improved productivity in the workplace. Harnessing the energy and positive outcomes of team building activities allows businesses to unlock that increased potential. Using time spent away from the workplace by providing employees a fun, inclusive team building activity gives them a unique bonding experience that can provide huge rewards to the company.

Working Together!

Working Together!

  1. Celebration and fun increases team spirit and motivation.

After any sports team wins a major championship, be it Little League or the Pros, they celebrate their victory and have fun. These events must be fun and focused on achieving a positive experience for everyone involved. This is key to creating team spirit and motivating the team to want to win even more. Increased camaraderie is a healthy byproduct of celebration. The cheering, the hard work, and fun that come with team building events helps foster a real sense of teamwork and motivates employees to take their job to the next level.

  1. Collaboration and trust can foster innovation and creativity.

    It's all about TEAMWORK!

    It’s all about TEAMWORK!

Building a comfort factor between team members increases trust and allows individuals the freedom to bring their best creative ideas to the forefront. Imagination leads to innovation and when employees feel safe to express themselves fully they bring their best ideas forward. Successful team building events and activities not only bring people closer together but they also lead to more successful communication and creative workplace ideas.

  1. Communication and working together better.

Increased communication and interaction between employees is the top reason why people choose to utilize team building exercises. The goal is to create teams that work better when they are working together. Everybody wants a friendly work environment where people are at ease, happy to engage, and eager to collaborate in the workplace with other team members. Team building activities actually do work to accomplish improved communication between participants.

Team building exercises are key to creating a really great team!

Team building

Team building increases communication!

Simply taking people out of the work environment and into new surroundings helps to break down barriers, reduce distractions, allows team members to connect with each other, and have fun. At iPlay America we know FUN!

iPlay America wants to SUPERCHARGE your STAFF! We know how to create winning corporate events that give your team an unforgettable day of FUN and positive interaction! Our custom team building program is a great way to promote friendly competition, break down barriers, and build cooperation among your staff in a fun-filled way.

iPlay America takes our Corporate Team-Building Program to the next level with the addition of the brand new Sky Trail® ropes course. The new ropes course is the LARGEST indoor ropes course in New Jersey and offers your employees a challenging and rewarding experience that can be utilized year round, rain or shine! The Sky Trail ropes course gives corporate customers an exciting option for creating events that challenge employees, build strong bonds, and provide maximum FUN by employing the many different elements the course provides, including the rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets, walk-across beams, vertical rope ladders, and more.

Sky Trail!

The LARGEST indoor ropes course in New Jersey!

iPlay America’s team building program lets businesses customize events to best meet the needs of their specific workforce. Companies have a vast array of options with which to craft an event for their employees utilizing iPlay America’s wide variety of outstanding attractions! There’s the Sky Trail ropes course, the Cosmic Battle Laser Tag, iPA Speedway Go Karts, and the skill games on the Midway.

Laser tag

Cosmic Battle Laser Tag!

Go Karts

Go Karts at iPlay America!

Mini Bowling

Mini Bowling!

iPlay America has exceptional meeting spaces and banquet facilities for company outings and team building events. As one of New Jersey’s top attractions, iPlay America is the unique venue that gives you everything you need to host an event for groups as small as 15 and as large as 3,500. Every custom Corporate Team Building package iPlay America offers also comes with trained program coordinators, a trophy for the winning team, and a team photo. Plan a FUN and fantastic team building experience for your team at iPlay America today!